People participate in lotteries because they have dreams and only a lot of money can make those dreams come true. It is unfortunate that some bad guys out there are always on the hunt for such people. They take advantage of their situation and pull off scams to rob these people of their money. Despite there being a lot of information on the internet about lottery scams, not everyone is fully aware of them. If you participate in lotteries regularly, here is some useful information about lottery-related scams that should help you stay away from getting robbed of your money.

Tips on Identifying the Lottery Scams

Email Scams

The biggest lottery scams are done on emails. Why these bad guys choose to scam people with emails is because it is the best method of doing that. They don’t have to show their identity and emails are completely free of cost. Not to mention, they can send these emails to hundreds of thousands of individuals within a few days. From these hundreds of thousands of people, a few innocent people are enough for them. Even if they are able to convince 0.5% of these people, they can make thousands of dollars from them without spending a penny from their own pocket.

While there are plenty of lottery scams taking place on emails, it is not really difficult to identify them. If you think carefully, you will instantly identify them as a scam. The first thing that should give you a hint is your participation in the lottery. If you never participated in a lottery, you can never win it. It does not matter what type of lottery it is, you have to buy its tickets to be a part of it. So, when they say you have won a lottery and that they entered your name for some reason, you should not trust them.

Another thing you will have to see is the address from where you have received the email. More often than not, these people who send you lottery emails don’t even have enough money to buy their own email domain. They choose to go with the free email services. So, when you look at their email addresses, you will find out that they are from Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and other famous free email services. That’s a confirmed sign that the email has come from scammers. Do not even reply to these emails.

You will also receive emails wherein they will ask you to provide your personal details. Someone will claim that they have been appointed to search you and get your details so you can collect your reward. They will ask for your personal details and might even hack your identity. The thing you never want to do is clicking on the link that comes in the email. In addition to that, you want to pay attention to the spellings and sentence structure in the email. When non-native scammers send these emails, they often have quite a few grammar and spelling errors in their emails. Last but not least, they will advise you to not share the news with anyone.

Lottery-related Scams That You Must Avoid

Phone Scams

Phone scams can be a little difficult for you to identify. That’s because you are not necessarily on your computer at the time to check details of the company, their name, lottery name, etc. However, things are much easier today for lottery players in terms of identifying scams. If you are confused about the identity of the caller, there are a few steps of avoiding the scam. The first step is to avoid giving out any personal information on the phone. Don’t even tell them your name if they ask for it because when an official is calling you, he/she will always know your name.

The strategy they use on the phone is of creating panic. They will make you hurry up on giving out your information. They will talk fast and loud to push you, and that’s where you have to take control of the situation. Just say yes to everything they say without disclosing your information and tell them you will check and call back. Ask for their call back number, which they might avoid giving out. Once you have ended the call, use your smartphone app to check the results of the lottery. You can go on any legit lottery website on the internet to check the latest results. If your numbers don’t match, you can be 100% sure you have not won any prize.

In Person Scams

Rarely, people would come to you and make you a part of the scam. They will often appear as needy to get your attention and compassion. They will tell you a long story about why they need your help. Perhaps, they will tell you that they need to buy a ticket but cannot do so without your help. If they are living in your country legally, they should not have any problems in buying the ticket. They can buy the lottery ticket just like you or any other citizen. If you don’t know much about lotteries, they will have many other ways of persuading you.

For example, they might tell you that they are in your country only for a few days and need your help in purchasing a lottery ticket. If you know how internet and lottery websites work today, you should also know that people can now buy lottery tickets from the comfort of their home from anywhere they want.

Final Thoughts

The need to win a lot of money and the urge to make your dreams come true can often make you do things that you would not do in normal circumstances. You have to realize that the scammers take advantage of your mental condition. They try to take advantage of the things you are most emotional about. They have the art of making you believe in things that don’t exist. However, you can make all of their moves go to waste. Remember to never take any decisions on the spot. Lottery companies never push you to take any type of decision on an instant basis. You have months to claim your lottery even when you have won the jackpot so there is no need to be hasty about things.